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Buying insurance should not be a mystery. Each policy ought to be tailored to address client specific needs. There is no one solution that fits all and choosing the right insurance solution can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. We demystify the process, help small to medium sized businesses gauge their cash flow and better understand their exposures, we help make the best and most informed decision possible.

Our commitment is to educate clients and provide resources to make good insurance decisions that ultimately protect business assets. By providing a comprehensive picture our clients become knowledgeable and confident throughout the process, giving them more time to focus on their business objectives.

We want to work with clients who make a difference in their community, those that clearly set themselves apart; willing to invest the time to establish good business and personal connections and actively seek to be socially aware of how they are perceived and viewed, aiming to be good corporate denizens.

Our Approach

david-forsyth-insurance-broker-sf-bay-area-oaklandWe educate our clients, to help them find the best insurance solutions to meet their needs, with thoughtful and personalized service, easy access and quick responses.   Our US wide network of clients and their referrals is evidence of UIB’s pledge to both personal and business integrity. The trust, security, and confidence that accompanies the commitment to each client is a testament to our core value — providing a safe harbor for all clients, protecting what is important to them is important to us.

Our business model is simple. We lack the impediments that get in the way of serving our client’s needs. Our placement of coverage’s is decentralized. This fosters relationships between clients and underwriters and removes the potential for conflicts. We provide complete transparency of compensation. We are completely independent. This gives us the freedom to select the right markets and solutions on behalf of our clients.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients and insurance carriers to come up with the most creative, most practical solutions available. It may be a simple commercial policy. It may be a complex alternative. Or it may not be an insurance solution at all.



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